Nivea Creme 200ml

Nivea Creme 200ml

Nivea creme in a classic, blue box, with a recognizable scent and a simple formula, is an irreplaceable inventory in the bathrooms of both men and women.
Many people do not separate from it, and even carry it with them in their bags. However, Nivea cream is not good just to quickly refresh your face or hands. You can apply it in many other ways, and today we reveal how.

1. Anti-aging

Declare war on wrinkles with Nivea cream! Apply the cream before going to bed on the areas where you have noticed the development of wrinkles and you will soon notice the difference!

2.  Stretch marks

To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, apply Nivea cream to the abdomen, chest, and hips. The results will be as good as if you used expensive oils specially made to prevent stretch marks.

3. Dark circles

After a stormy night, we all happen to wake up with dark circles under our eyes.  They are quite difficult to cover, so it is best to prevent them from appearing at all. Before going to bed, massage the cream into the sensitive skin around the eyes. Wash gently in the morning and you will notice the difference.

4. Removing makeup

If you have Nivea cream at home, you can forget about expensive makeup removers.  Dip a swab into the cream and easily remove the makeup, even the waterproof one.

5. Dry skin on the elbows

Many people suffer from dry, loose skin on the elbows. And here, Nivea is an ideal moisturizer that will make the skin smooth and soft again.

6. Dry skin on your hand’s

Dry skin on your hands is a common problem – especially if you have to wash your hands very often. You do not need expensive hand creams designed specifically for extra dry skin. All you need is Nivea: it is such a powerful moisturizer that even cracked and bruised hands will be smooth again after use. It is also effective for dry skin on the knees and feet!

7. Prevention and treatment of dermatitis

Most often, people suffer from dermatitis caused by excessive or incorrect use of too aggressive soaps, cleansers, creams and other products. This leads to eczema, redness, itching and swelling of the skin. Due to its particularly dense texture, Nivea is suitable even for the treatment of these serious skin problems. Of course, in case you do not feel better, it would be good to visit a dermatologist.

8. Treating small burns

Just touch a hot pot or hob that you didn’t know was on for a split second, and your finger or hand will start to burn terribly. Once again, Nivea will be your savior: it soothes the skin and prevents the formation of blisters.

9. Treating sunburn In the summer

We all forgot to apply sunscreen or stay in the sun for too long. Then that night or the next morning, we will be covered in familiar, painful, red burns. But, after only a few smears with Nivea, the skin will calm down and you will feel relief.

10. Lip Balm

Nobody likes to kiss dry, chapped lips, right?  To keep your lips soft and smooth again, apply Nivea cream several times a day for several days. Your lips will simply entice you to kiss, and you will save money that you would spend on expensive lip balms.

It’s amazing how many ways you can use a small box of this cream. You’ll save money and not have to carry a bunch of expensive care products with you – the perfect solution to many problems can fit in your pocket!

Nivea Creme 200 ml
The Good
  • Soft and gentle
  • For all Skin Types
  • All Season Multi-Purpose Cream
The Bad


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