Foldable Skin Care Machine, 6 Color

Product Description


7 Colors7 Colors



Eyes protection design
Easy operation
Non-invasive,no hurt to skin
Suitable for any kind of skin
Detachable and save space
Seven kinds colors


Easy To Solve Skin Troubles

Do you have the following skin probles?

Don’t worry!

Colorful folding spectrometer to helpe you solve your skin trouble.


Product Details:

7 light modes-LED upgrate,Light energy output is more stable and balance.
Non-contact beauty store-Use more comfortable,Irradiation site more comprehensive.
Control upgrate-Use steps easier.


Attention matter

1. The device needs to avoid high temperature, high humidity, and direct light.

2. It’s better to place the device in a room with good ventilation.

3. Do not use a damaged power plug or a loose outlet.

4. If it has water in the product or abnormal sound and smell, please unplug the power.

5. Do not place flammable or combustible material around the device.

6. Wipe the controller or body with a gentle towel.

🌟 Easy to operate, comfortable and painless.
🌟 6 colors light, A good skin care tool for solving skin problems.
🌟 Make skin bright and white, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
🌟 Tighten pores, improve the overall skin brightness, make the skin smooth and elastic recovery.

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